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Strategic Executive

Championing strategic scientific leadership; facilitating key partnerships that advance genomic research; driving research and innovation, community collaboration, and the acquisition of sustainable funding.

Academic Excellence

Active academic engaged in advancing biodiversity genomics and conservation; contributing scholarly research and employing innovative data science methodologies with a strong track record in research funding.

Global Leadership and Collaboration

Instrumental in forming key scientific networks and consortia; championing international collaborations;  bringing diverse, international teams together with unparalleled expertise on research and innovation strategies to assist clients globally.

Advisory Role

Serving as scientific advisor for leading public funding agencies, NGOs and foundations offering guidance on initiatives from conceptualization to execution.

Advocacy and Policy

With a notable impact on medical research, climate change response, and disease surveillance.  Delivers incisive research insights and briefings to parliaments and governments worldwide.

  • Executive Council Member of the Earth Biogenome Project, AZ, USA

  • CSO and VP Research and Innovation Genome British Columbia, Vancouver BC CA.

  • Director of Science, Earlham Institute, Norwich, UK.

  •  Assistant Director, Vertebrate Genome Biology, Broad Institute of Harvard and MIT, Cambridge, MA, USA.

  • Professor of Biodiversity , School of Biological Sciences, University of East Anglia, Norwich, UK.

  • Authored numerous articles in high-impact peer-reviewed journals, opinion pieces, and book chapters, contributing to the advancement of genomic science (

  • Peer reviewer for prestigious journals including Science and Nature; Editorial Board Member of the Journal of Genomics.

  • Reviewer of research and fellowship grants for organizations including BBSRC, NERC, USDA, NIH, Genome Canada, CIFAR and L’Oréal-UNESCO.

  • Member for Environment Climate Change Canada, Digital Sequence Information Working Group.

  • Scientific advisor of the non-profit organization Wise Ancestors (, breading biotechnology, and indigenous knowledge to conserve Biodiversity.

  • Member of Public Policy Projects’ Global Genomics Programme, Bringing the benefits of genome sequencing to the world (

  • Member of Genome resources in aquatic symbioses advisory committee, Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation

  • Member of the Welcome Trust-NIH Strategy group: “Grand Challenges in Genomics.

  • Member of the black footed ferret genomic working group (

  • Participates in  parliamentary briefings and engages with international governmental and non-governmental organizations, translating genomics research into actionable insights for maximum global impact.

  • Co-authored 5 impactful policy briefs on natural capital and biodiversity protection with a focus on Colombia's economic landscape.

  • Investigated bioeconomy prospects for Colombian regions, contributing to strategic regional development plans.

  • Delivered significant recommendations in biotechnology, bioeconomy, and environmental conservation for the "Mision de Sabios".

  •  Influenced the formulation of science, technology, and innovation policies in Tanzania, instrumental in establishing the National Aquaculture Development Centre (NADC).

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