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Strategic Expertise

Strategic Scientific Leadership: Spearheaded scientific direction and fostered key sector partnerships across the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada. Directed scientific initiatives at top government-funded institutions, catalyzing progress in genomic research internationally.

Academic Excellence: Currently serving as a Professor at the University of East Anglia, enhancing biodiversity and comparative genomics through pivotal genomics research and advanced data science.

Significant Advisory Positions: serving as scientific advisor for leading agencies and foundations such as the Wellcome Trust, the Moore Foundation, Environment Climate Change Canada etc.

Global Leadership and Collaboration: Instrumental in forming key scientific networks and consortia, championing international collaborations. Plays a pivotal role in organizing committees of numerous scientific conferences.


Advocacy and Policy Influence: Engages in influential policy development in genomics, with a notable impact on medical research, climate change response, and surveillance. Instrumental in Tanzanian science and technology policy, aiding in the creation of the National Aquaculture Development Centre, and advising Colombia's presidency on innovation strategies. Delivers incisive research insights and briefings to parliaments and governments worldwide.

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